Task Outsourcing

Outsource time consuming repetitive technical tasks.

Back in the early days, we were approached to see if we could assist in servicing and calibrating items of medical machinery which we were already storing and shipping through our dedicated courier service. Our staff underwent training and instruction, taking over these tasks, at our Milton Keynes workshops, which in turn, freed up the client's own engineers to use their skills more cost effectively. Our technical services are now available to all customers and has evolved so we now facilitate a diverse range technical services from a variety of sectors particularly IT and communications.  

Sotware, firmware updating

Reconfigure routers

Testing satellite communication equipment

Recalibrating measuring instruments

Exchanging cables for country of intended use

Recharging battery operated equipment


Cleaning to 'as new' condition

PAT testing repaired/refurbished items

Come and talk to us to find out how you would benefit from outsourcing your time consuming repetitive technical tasks. You will find our team knowledgeable and helpful with the experience and the ability to learn new systems and procedures accurately and swiftly.